Jazz World famous mall selling watch it?

The last time in the name of the watch mall to buy watches, not how to pay attention to it to buy domestic watch, because I was directed at a brand to buy. Such a large mall, there should be domestic fake rolex watches to sell it, but made the watch to tell the truth really do not gnaw Oh. If there is to sell, it is estimated that several relatively well-known, such as seagulls, Fiyta that a few brands. As for the concessions, I feel very real. World watches how much money to sell in foreign countries 1 and the price of the world watches abroad than the domestic cheap, and the manual and the quality is better, if there are opportunities, then the proposed purchase in foreign countries cheaper than in the country, can be cheaper than 30% different brand prices are different, but the relative domestic To be cheaper, but the price gap is not too large, due to high tariffs caused by different models of different prices Thank you for using! It depends on what specific brand. In Hong Kong to buy the world watches, which store fidelity. How much cheaper than the Mainland? ?? Source: Network Hong Kong to buy the watch and the mainland price difference in the end how much Hong Kong to buy the watch is not necessarily cheaper than the mainland to buy domestic watch prices? In fact, the answer is not necessarily. Why do many people say that Hong Kong is much cheaper to buy a watch? And many Mainland tourists to Hong Kong in Hong Kong to buy the world watches. According to the Hong Kong Watch Company, Hong Kong 50% of the watches are sold to the mainland. The reason is that their comparison is purely to buy the watch price, in addition to price factors, but also to consider the cost of distance (except in Guangdong, because the free exercise of the cost is negligible) and tariff costs (from Hong Kong to buy the watch clearance, The purchase of watches according to the invoice amount to pay 20% of the tax) here simple comparison of Hong Kong to buy the watch and the mainland to buy the watch price difference in the end how much tourists A: bought a Longines, pet knowledge Shanghai price is 5700, Hong Kong to sell swiss replica watches cheaper than the number of domestic ah Because it is a duty-free shops, it will be discounted, but not too much if the shopping season, coupled with the duty-free shops, can save 40% cheaper than the domestic! About 20-30%, look at that brand! Seventy percent off it. There are no special sales of the watch of the Kaopu shop? I suggest you go to foreign sites to buy it. Domestic law is not perfect, too many fakes. The United States, the formal online store, similar to Amazon such, generally do not dare to sell fake, or can claim bankruptcy. A watch express home, foreign trade network freight also 60 yuan. Ordinary quartz watch duty-free, general mechanical watches generally by 100 yuan a sign. High-end (10,000 yuan or more) by 30% levy. Swiss watches sold in the UK cheaper than the domestic you Or Swiss original movement, and then buy some of the United Kingdom out of the watch, of course, more expensive watch more cost-effective Longines these ordinary watch cheaper than the domestic. Do not buy a Nissan and domestic. Our domestic sales of Swiss watches are assembled in Hong Kong or domestic it? You want to buy genuine watches, it is recommended that you go to the store to buy it. You should go to Rolex's official website, and then look at your area of ​​special retailers, go there to buy authentic uk replica watches. With the "Swiss Made" mark mechanical watches, 80% of its production costs must be consumed in Switzerland, and electronic form production costs of 60% in Switzerland. In addition, the technical structure of the product and samples must also be completed in Switzerland. Recommended to look at this article, your question helpful. Go to France to buy cheap watches or domestic cheap it Swiss watches that watch is probably right? I went abroad in the UK had also been to France, in foreign countries to buy a Citizen ... ... Khan himself but I have been concerned about the price of watches, in general, in foreign countries to buy a little cheaper than domestic little, almost no difference, But the advantage is that there is no fake, to ensure that the Swiss watch is really the domestic watch fake is too much ... ... In addition, foreign countries have to buy a watch UNPROFOR, you can repair in the country want to help you, of course Foreign cheap! . Because the country will receive high luxury tax if you are to be more expensive that is particularly famous, which is why to Hong Kong to buy a reason why there is no tax in Hong Kong ~ ~ ~ that the watch if it is French to go to buy the cheapest Because the tariff did not pay in the name of the origin of the purchase is certainly the cheapest ah.